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Hundreds of people try their hand at starting up and running a digital business. And a vast majority of them fail. Some through fault of their own, others due to bad luck. But what ever the cause, there are a few things that separate those that succeed from those that fail. These 5 skills will help give you an edge when running your digital business.

Know your Audience

This is one of the simplest, yet effective things you have to be aware of when running a digital business. Unlike a normal high-street store, you won’t have the luxury of seeing who is buying your product up close. You will have to look through the data and do market research. But it is worth it. Being aware of your target demographic is priceless when it comes to success.


Despite your business being digital, your branding needs to be everywhere. Online marketing is a powerful tool, but there is something to be said for physical marketing as well. Getting your business brand onto as many different things as possible will help immensely. Pamphlets and leaflets. Pens and bottles. Wristbands with a message. All of these things are great examples of tools you can use to get your brand out there.


This is more a personal skill you need to develop rather than a business aspect. Those who aren’t dedicated to their business are doomed to fail. Dedication is a skill you can instil in your self and it will become invaluable to you. Train your self to stick to a set schedule and allot time to work on your business. It is easy to fall into bad habits when you only have yourself to answer to.

Money Management

This is a vital skill for any business. And it goes beyond simply knowing how to spend your money. You need to be able to keep track of your income and expenditure. Keep on top of taxes and making sure you are filing them correctly.

It is also about knowing what to spend the money on. What do you invest in and will that investment work for you and your business or is it superfluous? Keeping yourself grounded and focused is the key to this skill.


The world of business is often cut-throat and harsh. You will face rejection and failure on a regular basis. Not every day will be a winner and there will come hard times. It is important to keep your head high and focus on the little victories and know, with hard work and dedication, there are better times ahead.

More than that, being confident will reflect in your business and marketing, which in turn will attract more customers and increase your profits. People are naturally attracted to confidence and it inspires something within them. Remind your self that you can do this and that you are worthy of success and it will come to you.

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