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As the digital world expands, the argument rages on. Online shopping against traditional shopping. Amazon vs the Highstreets. What is better and why? And everyone seemingly has their views and opinions. But both have their strengths, and both have their weaknesses. And it can be difficult, especially for someone trying to break into the world of business, to know which method is best for them. Below I will look at both forms of business, their strengths and weaknesses.


Digital business has many distinct advantages. Firstly it can be accessed from the comfort of the customers home. This opens up many businesses to those who might not be able to travel as easily. Accessibility is an important part of any business.

Secondly, most digital businesses are accessible all day, every day. People can go shopping whenever they feel like it without being restricted by opening and closing times.

Digital Businesses allow anymore to make money, with a variety of different methods. This url shortener allows anyone with a link to easily set themselves up in affiliate marketing and make some money. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of digital businesses.

Classic Brick & Mortar

The most obvious advantage to an old school physical shop is that you can see the product you are buying up close and personal. You can make sure it is exactly what you want and what you need. Especially for clothes shopping, this is a huge advantage.

Secondly, physical stores often provide jobs for the local communities and stimulate money back into the local economy effectively. In the current financial climate, this is an extremely important factor.

Thirdly, physical stores allow people to often create stores that wouldn’t work online. Restaurants or custom bear creating stores are great examples of things that work best with a physical location.


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