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You’re surrounded by a million germs (maybe even more) as you sit at your computer, type on your keyboard, and sip from your coffee cup.

Your workplace surfaces are, in fact, one of the top bacteria hotspots that you come in contact with every day.

According to a survey, desks and keyboards can be breeding grounds for bacteria, but these surfaces are rarely cleaned.

One-third of respondents said they clean their keyboard and mouse about once a month; about three-quarters said they clean their desk about once a month.

These bad habits can lead to a germ-filled office, potentially making you sick and affecting work.

So, learning to keep your office clean is vital to ensure a healthy and comfortable working space.

How to keep your office clean?

Here are proven ways to keep your office clean:

  • Clear the space. Take everything off the desk, drawers, and shelves. Having cleared your desk, drawers, and shelves, now is the perfect time to wipe and clean off every surface. Clean off all surfaces and dust your computer equipment too.
  • Check every item on the desk. It may surprise you to find out how many pens, paper folders, sticky notes, and other supplies you’ve had all this time! Take time to assess every item and get rid of those you don’t need. The aim is to get a spacious and more comfortable working desk!
  • Rearrange your space. To make it easier for you to access items that you use regularly, keep them close at hand. If it seems like your space still gets messy a few minutes after decluttering, it’s time to consider redesigning your layout.
  • Clean regularly. Clean your office regularly. Make sure to keep your things in their designated places after using them.
  • Disinfect! Sanitize your desk with a disinfectant wipe at the end of the day to prevent germs from spreading and to keep the space immaculately clean.

What are the benefits of having a clean office?

Apart from having a comfortable working space, here are the other benefits of having a clean office:

  • Increased productivity. Clean, organized offices are less distracting since there are no cluttered objects to look at. This improves concentration, resulting in better work. As a result, you become more productive!
  • Better work environment. There is nothing more disturbing than walking into an office that looks like it’s been destroyed by a tornado or burglarized. A clean office promotes better relationships between workers, employers, and the company. Everyone should be inspired to work if their workspace environment is clean and tidy.
  • Gives a good impression. An organized and clean office demonstrates your company’s loyalty and professionalism. You want to impress your prospective client or customer by having a clean and organized office the moment they walk through the door.

Final Words

There are many tactics that you can apply to keep your office clean. These include decluttering and learning to value every space in your office.

Keep the things you really need and get rid of stuff that’s wasting too much space in your office. Also, be sure to keep things in their designated places after using them.

One of the best maid services I found recommended applying the Marie Kondo way of organizing things to achieve a tidy and clean office. Basically, dispose of things that have no value.

Keeping your workspace clean and tidy presents various benefits such as increased productivity, better work performance, and a good impression on the company.

So, keep your office clean and be ready to seize the day!

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