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Essential Services. This is a term that has been thrown around a lot this past year. As the world has undergone one of the most drastic pandemics in recent history, Essential Workers have stepped up and provided us all with the help and support we needed. But what does the word ‘Essential’ actually mean in this context?

Of course, in the very base definition, it means a service that is needed more than any other. That much is obvious. Essential Services are ones we cannot do without. Firefighters, Doctors, and Nurses, water and power facilities. But it goes deeper than that. We are going to briefly explain what it is to be an Essential Service. The perks that come with it. And a few reasons why you don’t actually want your own business to be an essential service.



The biggest advantage of an essential service is, of course, the security that comes with it. Essential services are regulated and maintained by legislation. This is handled at the governmental level, either for a specific country or from a collective body such as the UN.

This means the services are needed and will not shut down during turbulent times, as we have seen during this pandemic. It means those working in these sectors will still be earning a living wage and won’t be sitting idle. This is also a huge benefit to those relying on these services.


What Is Essential

Aside from the most obvious answers, there are a few other sectors of the business world that you might be surprised to learn are classified as essential services. An example is Pest Control. In America, very recently, pest control was deemed an essential service. This means companies like permakillexterminating or ampest are now essential.

This is fantastic, as the vast majority of these firms are privately owned and, as such, provide massive benefits to them and the local economy as well.

Supply chains are also considered essential, meaning fleets of delivery drivers, factory floor workers, and other management areas are going to be kept in work. This provides a further support channel to keep the economy afloat.

Construction is a field most people wouldn’t realize is classified as essential. Due to the vast numbers of people employed in this field, and the constant need for their services, it would be impossible for it not to receive Essential status.

Reading this, you might be wondering how being an essential service could ever be seen as negative for a business. Allow us to explain.



The legislation put upon these services works both ways. It provides security for those working, and those benefitting from the services. The biggest security point being a lot of these labor forces are not allowed to strike. This might sound extreme, but that is the price that is paid for being essential. A strike would be devastating to everyone involved.

These services are also forced to adhere to strict regulations and rules. There is no room for innovation or compromise. The red-tape is out in full force.

All of this works together to create an environment that does not benefit a lot of businesses.  It really is reserved for those aspects of society that we cannot do without.

But don’t dismay. The benefits of being a non-essential, or what is called a minimum service, are fantastic. You are supported by a lot more labor laws and the freedom to strike. You aren’t hampered by strict government regulations and have a lot more freedom and control over your business.

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