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Particularly in the last decade the internet has come around as one of the most used developments in computer and mobile technology ever. These days everything runs with some form of internet connection in order to make our lives efficient and easy, the requirement of a solid internet connection has never been greater as the tech giants roll out more and more products. In this internet age, you may be experiencing some great changes in your business, from more and more tech appliances to video call boardroom meetings, you will find that there isn’t much that can escape the need for the internet.


A classic business setting used to consist of a group of offices and a handful of computers and phones, nowadays you will find technological feats like virtual meeting spaces, cloud data storage as opposed to a classic filing cabinet and wall to wall internet coverage. Some argue that the old ways are better than these new technological improvements and others greet it with open arms. Below are a few instances that you may notice becoming more advanced in your business.



Your business is likely to house a variety of important documents that need to be stored safely and securely as well as be organized for efficiency in the workplace. You may have noticed a decline in the amount of physical filing that goes on around your offices, instead of many businesses are turning to online data storage which provides an unlimited amount of space in a secure and recoverable cloud. Some prefer to stick with physical documentation because by transferring online you open your business up to the threat of online crime and being hacked and your files being leaked.


Gone are the days of traveling long distances in order to meet with a business associate or conduct a meeting with your team, virtual board meetings are commonly used now with services such as Zoom and Skype allowing video calling in groups. Simply arrange the call and instead of having to be physically present people from around the world can chat in one group call. This not only makes meetings much more efficient but widens the range to the number of people you can talk to. Without the need for physical presence you can speak to any overseas contacts you may have with ease.


Businesses have used computers for a very long time, they provide research and networking solutions and are great tools in any business situation. However the computers that were available ten years ago have drastically changed to what we now have access to. With improved processing speeds and new functions being included in the recent releases, offices are now equipped with high-quality professional-grade devices that can provide a great deal of help in the business environment. Although these technological advances are great, a downside would be that the need for an upgrade is much more frequent.



Like computers, phones are essential in an office situation in order to communicate with staff and business associates. Although many would say that the older models are absolutely fine in terms of functionality many businesses have been upgraded with newer models with some companies going as far as providing employees with their own smartphone. These steps may seem drastic but they do make life easier in the business setting in terms of having a virtual, organized contact book and better connection to make calls overseas. Much like the effect of improving computer systems, phone upgrades broaden the range of the people you are able to contact.


Customer Interaction

Your interactions with customers as a business can make or break your rate of success, it has been a business mantra to value customer service and to ensure customers have a positive experience with you and your business. Nowadays as opposed to actual physical interaction you will be communicating with customers over social media or your webpage. It is important to remember that although the platform has changed you must still interact with customers professionally and ensure their needs are met just as well as if you were directly speaking to them.


IT Support

With all of the new technology being implemented into your workplace it is likely that you will have some trouble with it at some point or another. Technology is an extremely useful attribute, until it stops working which has meant in many businesses sourcing an IT support service. With so many new kinds of internet technology being used in day to day business life some businesses need managed IT services in order to limit the damage done by technology issues. Although new technology is a blessing, when it goes wrong if your business is too dependant it can have huge consequences, this is why it is important to have a physical contingency if things go south.



With the huge dependence on the internet and social media that is around in today’s society it makes sense that advertising has shifted to an online platform too. Compared to the more physical advertising formats such as leaflets and billboards to today’s advertising which is conducted on an internet platform. Businesses use the popularity of social media in order to launch huge marketing campaigns that have the ability to reach millions of people around the world thanks to the power of social media.

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