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A good office needs to look sophisticated. If you have clients coming in for meetings or you’re planning on securing that killer deal, your office needs to look like you take your job seriously. You don’t want people to leave it thinking you don’t deserve to be where you are. You need to take pride in your office, not just for others but also for yourself. You spend a lot of time there. It’s like your second home. Therefore you want to take the necessary steps to make it look as presentable and professional as possible. Below are seven incredibly easy steps to making your office the best it can be and massively increase your chances of promotion.

1) Plants. Any kind of greenery is a sure fire way of making your office look clean and professional. It also shows whoever is visiting your office that you are a person that can take care of things other than yourself. If you water it everyday and make sure it is exposed to natural light, you will look like you’ve got everything under control. Plants also generate oxygen which will make the air in your office nicer and any visitors will be thankful for it.
2) Introduce more light. Making your work environment bright will not only make you work more productive, people will view it as more professional and more inclined to go there. Clients will enjoy going there and will associate the brightness with positivity.
3) Invest in good quality furniture. Nobody likes squeaky chairs or lumpy couches. It’s your job to make sure your clients are comfortable. You won’t secure any deal if they’re sitting throughout your presentation with lower back pain. That is why it’s so important to invest in good quality furniture.
4) Add art. By hanging up a few paintings around your office, you are telling any clients that you are a person of culture. It will make your office stand out while still being incredibly smart and professional. It may even start a discussion that will lead to a rapport being struck with a client. Maybe they have the same piece of art in their office. Any little thing to help you secure the deal will help and art is a sure fire way of doing this.
5) Keep it tidy! There’s nothing worse than going into an office and seeing empty cans, wrappers and post it notes scattered about the place. This will make your clients feel uneasy and assume that if you don’t value the space you work in, how can you value their business relationship? By keeping your office tidy, you are sending the message that you are on top of things and take pride in yourself. Have a small waste paper basket under your desk and take the garbage out daily.
6) Add a new coat of paint. Paint is a great way to make your office stand out and look professional. I recommend you use Interior Painter. This link will take you to their website where you can order paint from interiorpainter to improve your office.
7) Stationery. Have a good and organised collection of pens and paper always. This will show you take great care in your work and don’t just write with any pen you happen to find.

These seven steps are simple but when implemented, your office will stand out as a professional work space that you are in control of rather than it in control of you. If you want to strike that killer deal with clients or get that promotion you’ve been trying so desperately for, follow these seven steps and watch the effect it has on your life.

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