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The world has been forever changed by the COVID pandemic. We have seen a significant shift in, not only the way we interact with each other on a daily basis but how our businesses are able to function. Moving forward, there have to be dramatic shifts in safety procedures, staff contracting and rights, and customer interactions.

And a lot of businesses aren’t going to survive. That is the rough and sad truth of it. The American economy is struggling and some places just aren’t fit to cope in this new landscape.

But there is hope. Humanity is, if nothing else, adaptable. We can change our society and practices to work around whatever the latest threat is. And the same is true of the business world. It, and those that want to succeed within it, need to be adaptable.

So we are going to go through some tips to help you stay business competitive in the new world of Post Lockdown America.


Care for Your Staff

A business is only as good as its weakest staff member. And this is especially true while COVID is still about. You need to make sure your staff is provided all the necessary equipment and you install all the needed safety precautions to make sure they are safe and also that they feel comfortable.

But you also want to make sure they have job security. There is no point cutting staff down to save money, only for your business to fail due to lack of staff. So even if it means taking a pay cut yourself or getting a loan, make sure you are able to look after your staff.


Keep It Clean

Now more than ever customers are going to be acutely aware of dirty or unsanitary environments. The pest control services from pinnaclepest estimate that almost 4 million rodents were displaced due to the sudden closure of restaurants and bars. And when they re-open there will be massive rodent issues.

So you need to make sure your cleaning equipment and practices are up to snuff. You need to make sure your facilities are rodent proof. You need to install hand sanitizers and make sure everywhere is sparkling clean every day. Even if this means hiring more janitorial staff, you need to be on top of this.



Your post lockdown marketing is important. You need to let your customers know that you are still in business and, more importantly, that you value them and their safety.

To that end, you might want to start thinking about ways to pass savings onto the customers. Offering deals might seem like a bad idea during a recession. But if you can get customers in the door because of discount prices, you will make more money overall. If you don’t offer enticing deals, you will most likely get no customers.

You also want to make sure you are being clear with your new restrictions and rules regarding customer and staff safety. What is your mask policy? Can customers come inside the store? Will they be able to stay two-feet apart from each other? You want to avoid any unpleasant situations caused by misinformation, so make sure you are perfectly clear on all these fronts.


The biggest thing to remember in all this is the community. Everyone has been struggling. But it is only together than we can pull through. So make sure you keep that mentality going forward as we are not out of the woods yet by any means.


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