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When it comes to running a business your employees are a vital part of its success, you should have a level of trust with those you employ and as an employer, those who work for you should be able to trust you. Before starting the employment process you should take advantage of the information that has been provided on applicants’ CVs, if you have been provided with references then it would make sense to contact them in order to get a clearer picture of who you are hiring.


Thorough Background Checks

The best way to understand who is working for you would be to take advantage of any prior information that has been provided about the candidate, there are a number of ways that this can be done such as contacting previous employers and ensuring that all of the legal documentation is in order. Things like work permits and potential criminal records must be checked before employment is considered, there has to be a level of trust between the employer and employee when it comes to the legalities and you could use a comprehensive article on employment background check to ensure everything is in order.


Group interviews

Group interviews are a particularly useful tool in finding out someone’s work ethic and how they interact with others, as opposed to conducting individual interviews to gain an insight into who is working for you. A group interview is sometimes much more effective when it comes to finding out someone’s attitude and how they work with others as this is a vital factor to your business success, teamwork is vital to your business running smoothly so you will need people who know how to enforce this mantra effectively.



As previously mentioned references from previous employers are vital in gaining a better understanding of who is working for you, references are the contact numbers a potential candidate leaves on their CV from the places they have worked at previously. Taking advantage of references and taking the time to contact them is one of the most effective ways of better understanding who is working for you as you gain an insight into how well they have worked in the past, it is also extremely useful to get a second opinion from a professional source about the candidates work ethic.



One of the most effective yet often overlooked ways to gain a better understanding of who is working for you would be to take a thorough look at your employee’s CV. A CV shows in detail what the employee considers to be their best attributes when it comes to working, this provides a useful insight into how a candidate perceives themself and how they feel their past work experiences have impacted them. Employers are often overwhelmed with applicants for any vacancies that they don’t take the necessary time to look at someone’s CV and read the valuable first impression that has been provided.


Solo Interviews

Although group interviews are very useful, the classic solo interview can be a less daunting process which encourages a more relaxed interaction. The group setting may put extra pressure on the candidates that encourage them to be less open and authentic, a solo interview shows you are taking the time to get to know each candidate on a more personal level and could be considered one of the most useful processes in getting to know your potential employees. Overall a solo interview provides much needed one on one interaction between an employer and candidate that helps form a trusting relationship.

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