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Starting a business is an extremely hard task however, when you lack capital the process is made even harder. My advice would be to value your contacts, when it comes to business who you know is extremely important as you may be able to receive valuable information and advice but the quality of this information can be totally dependent on the rapport you make with your contacts. Another factor to consider would be to not take on too much at a time when it comes to your business progress. I would argue that taking on more than your capital can account for can cause much more damage to your business as opposed to taking it slow and investing wisely.

Taking it slow and investing the money that you have towards gradually expanding your business would be a great way of getting started. For example, it would be a great idea

to focus money on starting up a physical platform for your customers to view and contact you regarding the services that you offer. Doing this is an important factor when starting a business as it allows for direct contact between you and the consumer and is a very professional way for both display and sale of any potential products that you may have.

Furthermore, another great way to start a business with limited capital would have to be for you to put significant money and effort into advertising. A good advertisement allows for people to see what your company does and what they offer and through word of mouth you can get a very large following very quickly. By producing advertising in the initial startup process you are able to give specific information and portray your companies message to the public as soon as possible.

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  1. im a business student in california and i want to start my own real estate company when i graduate. do you think real estate is still a good thing to get into?

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