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The importance of your business exams cannot be stressed enough if you are planning on graduating and getting your final industry qualification, the exams are notorious for their length and intensity with many saying that they are the hardest exams that they have ever done before. I don’t mean to stress you out with the harshness but it would be unwise to downplay the situation from what it is. Taking your business exam is a crucial part of your career and a bit of stress could provide you with the motivation that you need to be successful.  


If you are looking for ways that you can help revise what you need to know in order to ensure that you are fully prepared for this intense exam then you will be glad to know that there are a number of things that you can do. A lot of what makes up effective revisions is ensuring that the sources you are using are reliable and clear in what they are trying to say, with something as complex as a business in particular it can be easy to lose the information in what is generally a lot of unnecessary jargon. 


Study Guides

When it comes to studying for any exam it is always going to be a good idea for you to invest in the relevant study guide that is provided by your independent examination board, doing this means that you have access to all of the relevant information and topics that you are going to be tested on. Rather than wasting time looking over things that are not going to come up you can simply check the study guide and expand upon the given topics if you wish to get some extra points for context on the subject.  


If you are entering your first year within your business study then you will definitely need the cfa level 1 study guide which is filled with all of the relevant examination board topics that will be covered during this study period. They may be expensive but if they can help get you onto the road to success in both your educational and professional lives I would argue the price is worth it, but if you are looking to find study guides at a more affordable price point why not try buying secondhand from an online retailer as many people give them away when they no longer need them or have finished the course.  



 A great way to ensure that you remember all of the information that you need when it comes to your exam revision would be to split things up into categories and put small segments of the information onto individual flashcards. Using a single word prompt on one side to help you remember what is on the other side you can very quickly memorize large amounts of information in a very effective way, flashcards are portable too so that you can continue revising on the go and no matter where you are.  


Audio Books

A great way to ensure you are doing effective revision for your business exam would be to switch up the way you are taking in the information, by listening to relevant audiobooks and having the information spoken to you rather than reading it yourself is actually very effective for many people. If you do not have access to any audiobooks why not record yourself or a friend reading out your notes so that you have another extremely portable and effective form of revision that can also be quite a relaxing way of doing things.  


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