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I would consider advertising to be a very important aspect for a start up business. Without advertising the public would not be able to see any products or services that you are offering, and what you charge for them. Advertising is also a great way to introduce your company to the world and gives a great opportunity to get valuable initial customer feedback on how your brand conveys itself and its message. Through advertising you are able to see any reactions to your start up business and should you encounter any issues or negative responses you are able to make modifications in the early stages of startup.



A decent webpage is crucial to any start up business as this is the primary way that people can view your brand and business. Without spending the proper time and effort on a good webpage then users may choose to use an alternative company for what they need. At the end of the day your website may be the first impression of yourself and your business that is given to customers, if this first impression is not a good one then this can affect how successful you are initially and may also go onto spoil your reputation.


A Clear Message

For a company just starting out having a clear and distinct message and brand idea is a great way to gain custom. A distinct message and appeal is important as it adds to revenue, should a potential customer stumble upon any of your websites or advertising campaigns then a clear message allows them to make a swift decision as to whether they would like to purchase your products. Another way that having a clear message can boost your success is that it allows you to appeal to the specific demographic that would buy your produce.


Another great tool for start up businesses would have to be a great set of contacts. By taking time and making the effort to collect as many contacts in the business world as you can, you are
able to build a rapport with as many people in the business world as you can. A great contacts list will come in handy at so many different times in your business life and it’s always at the time that you would least expect. Having many contacts and gaining a relationship with people in the business world means that you can get advice and help from people who know what they are talking about.


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