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Immigrating to Australia is an exciting time in anyone’s life. If you decided to take the plunge and move to the land of sunshine, you have a great adventure ahead of you. Filled with sunny beach days, incredible BBQs, and a lot of exotic animals.

But moving to Australia also comes with its own set of challenges that are less fun to navigate. And often, for those unprepared, a lot of these issues can blindside you. So we have put together a helpful guide that will walk you through the Ins and Outs of getting settled in the beautiful land of Australia.


The Heat

This is the biggest issue you will face as it is also the most unavoidable one. Australia is hot. It is easy to look at the sunny views presented in the media and fall in love. But we often forget how hot it actually is.

Australians are acclimatized to the heat, due to years of exposure. And after a while, your body will also start to acclimatize to it as well. But for the first few months, or maybe a year, you will be struggling. So you need to find ways to beat the heat.

Firstly, stay hydrated. You will need to drink a lot more water than you normally do, at least until your body stops sweating so much. Secondly, try to stick to the shade as much as possible. The temptation to build up a tan is going to be there, but trust us you want to be kind to your skin.


Legal Help

A different country means different laws. And not just the day to day laws but the more intricate issues such as inheritance, permits, and smaller legal details like that. You don’t want to make an innocent mistake that ends up costing you a small fortune in legal fees.

To that end, you will want to find a good legal firm that can quickly go over all the finer details with you. You will need to reorganize your will and inheritance forms to adhere to Australian laws and make sure your visa and working permits are all up to scratch. You can find a good list of legal firms here.



Australia is famous for its wildlife. In particular its insect life. You cant mention the country without someone making a joke about poison spiders sneaking into your shoes or snakes coming out of your pipes.

But these jokes are sadly based on truth. These things can happen. The snake one is a lot less likely, but chances are you will start finding spiders or bugs everywhere. You will want to check the list of native wildlife that will be present in the area you have decided to move to.

You will then need to take the necessary precautions to deal with them. You won’t be allowed to go around destroying habitats or ecosystems. That is a big no. But you can secure your home with a variety of anti-bug gadgets and stock up on bug spray. You will want to invest in bug screens and keep your shoes safe in a box to make sure no insects take refuge in them. And also make sure to check them before you put them on, just in case.


We hope this has helped you figure out your first move when you arrive in Australia. It is a beautiful country filled with natural wonders, friendly people, and rich in history and culture.



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