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We live in a world where you don’t just have a single option for one product, there’s a competitive market of manufacturers trying their best to reinvent and improve a number of everyday options. Due to this, there is an influx of products and very little to help a consumer distinguish between all of the options available on the market. Because of this, over the last few years, there has been an increase in review sites that have individuals collect a selection of products and give their opinions on which one they believe to be the best of the bunch.


These review sites are incredibly helpful as they make the process of choosing your latest purchase much easier, however, they do come with a slight issue. It can often be difficult to distinguish whether or not a review site is credible, as it can sometimes be the case that a review is just a paid promotion. However, do not worry, we have put together these following tips on how to know if a review site is credible.



Links can be a big indication of whether or not a review is credible as they often indicate whether or not the reviewer has done their research. This doesn’t necessarily just mean a straight link to the product purchasing site, but one in which all the features and specifications of a product are included. This allows the consumer to fact check anything the reviewer has said and also research further. It also shows that they have actually looked into the product and aren’t just relaying a given list.



If someone really cares about their reviews, it will show in the quality of their site. Credible sites are often those that have had a lot of effort put into them, as unless it is a legitimate site, the creator wouldn’t really care about formating. There are a few things you can look out for in order to measure up the quality of the site, such as the inclusion of images. Another indication of legitimacy is whether or not the creator has put in place steps of convenience. For example, you may notice that reviews on theo-theo all have a navigation section to make it easier for the user to look at products. Once again, this extra effort put in by site creators shows that they care about their review website and so indicates a sense of credibility.


Lack of focus on one product

Though it is not extremely common, there are a few review pages out there that are put together simply to promote a single product. A good way to differentiate between a legitimate site and one that is dependent on paid promotion is whether or not they heavily focus on a single product. An easy way to see whether or not this is the case is actually really simple, look at the paragraph size. If the review of one product is marginally bigger than the rest but has no distinguishing features, then the site may not be entirely credible.


Fact check

One of the best ways to check whether or not a website is credible is to do a bit of research. Fact checks any information that they have given in the reviews, such as specifications and price. Also, look up the review site itself. A credible site is likely to have a lot of views, as that site’s opinion will be trusted much more. If you can’t get an indication of whether or not the site feels legitimate from just looking at the site itself, feel free to Google it. If someone isn’t happy with the reviews a site Is given they are bound to complain about it online, so make sure to check out reviews for the review sites themselves.

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