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This passage will detail some of Vietnam’s most prestigious offices. These are some of Vietnam’s most lucrative employers; getting a job here is like winning the lottery; actually you probably have more chance going over on xosovui for the latest numbers and winning than getting a job at some of these locations.

Semba Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City Office

This Japanese design, planning and construction recently opened its South-East Asian offices in Vietnam. The new work offices are completely modern in its workplace motivational psychology. With large open spaces and object irregularities to make shadows clearer. This is perhaps expected from a construction company, but the space is absolutely beautiful.


Petrolimex is a Vietnam based company that owns a predominant level of the overall market share. The company towers over the competition with a 55% market share in oil production. The main offices are located in a grand skyscraper in the capital of Ha Noi; towering over the rest of the city. Their activities are not limited to this alone though. Operating 2352 gas stations throughout Vietnam; with a special focus on the countries more remote areas, truly bringing the entire country together.


By market cap, Vinamilk is the most valuable Vietnam based corporation. With this ever-expanding value Vinamilk was actually the first Vietnamese business to feature on the Forbes Asia 100 best under a billion. The question must be asked what do they actually do? Well, Vinamilk focus on all things dairy with everything from ice cream to cheese. The companies head offices are currently in Ho Chi Minh city and currently employ 5400 members of staff. Again, in their own skyscraper vinamilk represents the ever-expanding world of Vietnamese business.

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