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Getting a business degree can seriously help your chances in the business world as it provides an insight into what you need to get started and how you can go about doing it. By going through the process of getting a business degree you are able to gain valuable skills towards your future and can learn about the importance of things like advertising, setting up websites, branding, control of funds and the consumer market. Becoming an entrepreneur by getting a degree first is a great way to go about the process as it ensures that you are clued up on everything that you need to be able to begin setting up a business.


A business degree also allows for some variation in your career prospects, if you start a course at university and change your mind about the direction you wish to go in the future then just the fact that you have a degree can open up a variety of other career options for you. I would definitely recommend a business degree as the way forward for someone who has an interest in becoming an entrepreneur but is maybe unsure about the direction they wish to go in, just going to uni can be a great way of getting initial experience and can help with deciding the path you would like to go down in your career.



Although going to university and getting a degree in business can be a very useful tool for the future, there is also the question as to whether it is worth the time and the debt. The employment rate for those who get a business degree is around 58% leaving close to half of graduates without jobs in this sector. Being successful in business doesn’t always rely on your qualifications and in fact more and more people are choosing to start a business without getting these qualifications in the first place.


Many would argue that to start up a successful business all you need is a great idea and a great plan. Yes, going to uni allows you to get valuable information on how to get started but this is no better than the help you can get by sourcing your own contacts and putting the work in yourself. Many choose to avoid getting into student debt and to go out and set up their businesses on their own, at the end of the day universities will only do so much to help and graduates will still be required to put the work in to get a business started independently. There is also the opinion that what you learn at university can also be learnt about through your own hard work and knowledge without the thousands of pounds worth of debt and three years of your life spent studying. Overall, I would argue that getting a business degree is a great choice for someone that is unsure about the route they want to go down, but if you choose not to get a degree you can be just as successful.

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