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Phones these days are so much more than they used to be. They are essentially computers sized down to fit in the palm for your hand. They are powerful tools that can keep you in touch with those around you and also let you keep control of your business. To that end, deciding what phone you will use for your business is important and can be a difficult decision considering how saturated the market is with quality phones. Below are a couple of ideas for paths you could take and some of the advantages of each.


The brand everyone knows. iPhone’s are sleek, user-friendly and accessible. By their very nature, they are designed to allow you, the user, a lot of freedom and control over your creative outlets and content. This includes businesses. They come packed with useful apps to keep yourself organised and they have a seamless interface for communication. The only downside to an iPhone is the price, which is often extremely high. But do not be afraid to go second hand. Get a refurbished iPhone for your business and you won’t regret it.


Samsung phones are praised for their study interfaces, strong internal hardware and more consumer-friendly price tag. Although their user interfaces can sometimes be a bit less clear than iPhone, they are known for allowing a lot more technical freedom when it comes to apps and utility. To this end, a Samsung phone would be better suited for someone who needs to be able to access more intricate parts of their business on the move. Samsung phones are also more open to third-party software, which should only be installed at the users’ own risk, but can open more creative aspects for a company to follow.

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