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The digital age has come in full force. It is impossible to avoid it. The internet has become a hotbed of activity and consumerism. And you would be a fool not to utilize it. Video marketing is one of the most powerful and essential tools for any business. No matter what it is you sell, you will be losing out if you aren’t utilizing video marketing.
By this point, you should know who your target demographic is and have done plenty of market research. All of this is vital to creating a successful video advertisement. Below I will be listing the reason why video marketing vital and also a few tips on how to get the most out of your marketing.


YouTube is a behemoth. The biggest and most viewed video platform on the planet. Everyone is on there and that means adverts on YouTube can reach everywhere. A company without a YouTube presence is already at a disadvantage. But it can be daunting stepping into the world of YouTube. Starting from zero views and working up is not easy. But there are ways around it. For YouTube views on my videos, I simply use themarketingheaven.com. Simply put they will provide you views for your video and give you that boost you need to get your marketing into the public eye. While YouTube is the primary video platform, do not be afraid to branch out into other video platforms as well such as Vimeo or Dailymotion.


A key to successful advertisements is relatability. Your audience needs to be able to view your marketing and find something within it that they want or can relate to. Otherwise, they are simply going to ignore it. Print media is fine, but people can relate better with things they can see and hear. Videos are perfect for this. Showing scenarios that highlight your product that also allow your viewers to relate to the video will boost your sales enormously. To that end, you will also be able to relate to your target demographic by hiring actors or presenters that fit into that demographic and are relatable to your audience. This is also a great opportunity to stretch your creative muscles.

Print is Dead

Print advertising used to be a powerhouse. But these days people rarely buy print media. Newspapers and magazines sell less and less and often only to specific demographics. If you are a niche organization then maybe print media will be enough. But for the vast majority, you cannot rely on it. Digital marketing is the way forward. But to a greater extent, you can’t rely on simply static digital marketing either. If it isn’t a video, then people are often going to ignore it or even bypass it with an ad-blocker. Whereas having your own channel with your own videos means people will be gripped and able to view your content whenever.

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